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Virtual Reality Experience

VR Games

Playing a game and being in a game are two completely different things. With the power of virual reality we take you one step further into the virtual world of games. No need to see the games on your flat screen. Wear a Virtual Reality Headset and see the Virtual World in full stereoscopic 3D that gives you the additional depth perception and that immersive feeling you always craved for. With seamless head tracking solutions we let you control the camera in the game freely with your head movement. So get ready for a truly next-gen gaming experience.

VR Experiences

Virtual Reality is not supposed to be limited to only games. We think of it as a next-gen tool that lets you get engrossed in the environment you are presented with. So we also develop Virtual Reality experiences which can be enjoyed without much input from the user. Just wear your VR headset and relax on a calm and serene beach or travel through space watching the stars pass by or watch from a bird's perspective as it flies across the sky. Nothing is impossible in the world of Virtual Reality!

VR Walkthroughs and Visualizations

Want to visualize something that is yet to be made, like a plan of a house or a design that your interior designer gave you? Why just look at images and videos when you can experience it virtually , so go roam inside your new house or office with our interactive walkthroughs. These walkthroughs will help you visualize the designs much better than on a simple drawing.

Devices We Develop On

We spend a lot of time researching for the latest developments in Virtual Reality. Keeping up with the latest inventions and updates helps us deliver across multiple platforms such as the highly accessible Google Cardboard, the ground breaking Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, exceptional HTC Vive also known as Steam VR. We offer all these platforms for almost all our Virtual Reality Services.

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