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PHP Development

There is no point of debate on the topic of necessity of holding one’s own website over internet as it is now a proven fact about the importance of a virtual identity a business man should pre-requisitely hold on to. Interesting layouts and web designs are the key factors that help you keep your clients tied with the knot of your products and services for a longer period. Developing a website is now one of the major steps taken for the expansion of your business over the seas. PHP is one of the most common yet highly preferred server side scripting languages used for website development. This language was originally designed for dynamic pages and is completely fast, reliable and secure. The main feature provided by PHP language is its ability to create textual user interface and consider as free software for it being an open source.

Laravel Development

A clean & classy PHP web development framework for web artisans, Laravel enables creating wonderful apps by making use of simple, expressive syntax. Laravel application development is actually an enjoyable experience for the developers.One of the biggest advantages of Laravel is that the design of its directory structure makes it quite familiar to developers who are already aware about other popular PHP frameworks. Laravel allows creation of web apps of any specification with optimum ease.

Hire Laravel Developers Specializing in Delivering Reliable Custom Web Apps...

If you have been looking for the best Laravel developers, then our Laravel development company is the right solution to your needs. Each of our Laravel developer is well-acquainted with all the aspects of the Laravel framework, thus making our services simply perfect for you. SynapseIndia's Laravel developers specialize in creating custom web apps that are reliable & maintainable.

With a sound understanding of the various functions of Laravel, our developers are competent to do following -
  • Build enterprise web apps
  • Laravel Application Development
  • Laravel Ecommerce Store Development
  • Laravel Customization and Integration
  • Laravel Data Migration
  • Laravel Template Design
  • Laravel RESTful app development

REST/SOAP API Development

Application Programming Interface –an important tool for the reliable interaction of software components, databases and computer hardware, has an important role to play in your business success. API also lays down the protocols required for a wide range of web solutions, designs, plug-ins and modules.

AngularJS Development

AngularJS is a structural open source framework that is utilized to develop dynamic web apps and to overcome the challenges encountered in the development of single page applications. By making use of HTML as template language and to extend its syntax, it helps to express apps components coherently. It may awesome interest you to note that AngularJS framework is acknowledged as the all powerful or in plain English, ‘superheroic’ framework in order to develop single page web applications faster and in an uncomplicated manner. 9Brainz is a well experienced angularjs development company, we have a highly competent team of AngularJS developers, who hit the nail on the head, in order to achieve complete client satisfaction. Undeniably, its popularity has reached the soaring heights as an open source JavaScript framework in the domain of web application development.

VueJS Development

Vue.js is a framework for building web applications using a component based approach. It focuses primarily on the “View” layer of the traditional MVC and in that sense is much more akin to ReactJS than a larger framework like Angular or Ember.

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