Mestory is a new web and mobile application that allows you to read and write interactive stories. Interactive stories include choice based storylines & stories with games within them.

Inspired by a love of reading interactive stories

To create and promote an innovative storytelling platform for the people of the world.Choose for FREE from our entire collection of both submitted and exclusive stories.

Write short and interactive stories

Read from three story types: Short Stories, Choice Stories, and Game Stories. Save your progress with our bookmark feature. Join our monthly and season competitions to earn awesome prizes. Great opportunity to share your work with thousands of readers.

A Homepage with all stories, big and small

Inspired by a love of reading interactive stories, we now bring the experience to your mobile, with ALL our stories being FREE from start to finish.


  • Art direction
  • UI design
  • Concept
  • Service design
  • Character design
  • Animation
  • UX design
  • Strategy