Easy and Safe Techniques Skills for Learning Swimming without classes and training by professional guidance.


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced swimmer, getting some tips and trick is always added to learning. It has all the information regarding learning swimming techniques in pdf and video format.

This reference demonstrates with video and pictures.

-Warm up

-Trunk Control

-Shoulder Control

-Learn to swim, etc…

Videos and pdf are made available likewise.


Here are the basic swimming techniques, kind of swimming and learning for a beginner.

This reference demonstrates with video and pictures.

-The basic technique of swimming

-Swimming Style

-Learn to Swim

-How to Swim

-Training Tips

Training will be provided as per levels.

As a swimmer, you need to take lessons, but you can start learning to swim by trying a number of things on your own. This application will help you if you want to learn swimming or improve your swimming.

Link Videos

This video on service is recommended for all competitive swimmers. Swimmers of all ages and abilities will benefit from these videos.

The user can merge the video to make their own learning tutorial. Which can be further downloaded for future reference.


Setup the user profile which lets you update the profile pic, Emailid, Gender and Date of Birth.

The data in the app can be updated through the admin panel such as videos and other training content.


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