TUFA is the game where you can play with shapes and can see who else is playing with checking on leaderboards

TUFA - An ultimate game for all ages.

Come on to TUFA! Play with shapes and try to rank high on leaderboards. We must say TUFA is the best way to keep yourself busy when you've nothing to do.

Attractive, adorable and eye-catching graphic design and easy to use interface.

Want to play? Simply tap on the Play button. If you don't know how to play, simply click on Help. It's easy to play, simply tap left and right.

It becomes more difficult as you cross more levels.

You just need to match shapes but in a different way. In the first level, it shows 4 shapes but it'll add more characters (shapes) in next levels. Yes, as you cross more levels difficult increases and you've to remember more and more objects. It's a real challenge so test your brain capacity!

See your score on the global leaderboards.

Yeah, TUFA features global leaderboards where you can see who is currently playing and high scores. The game is a quite enjoyable. It's a super fun for all ages and skill levels.


  • Art direction
  • UI design
  • Concept
  • Service design
  • Character design
  • Animation
  • UX design
  • Strategy