TUFA is a game that will give you adrenalin rush. Get your fine-motor skills tested by just letting shapes fall in their own cases. It’s that simple.

Play It

The way you would’ve played catching eggs in the basket.

This game has multiple baskets with different shapes and colors. Let different characters fall in their respective basket cum shapes. All you can do is rotate the basket array row.

Refer Help if you don’t know how to play.

Level Ups

The more your brain gets adapted, the more challenging the game gears up to. More shapes get added each time. More swiftly the characters start falling.

Beware for any catch getting missed. The game ends.

Score Cards

Does your score make it to the leaderboard?

Does your score set benchmarks for others to beat it?Share and keep yourself updated.

Explore what score you can reach with just left right controls in the bottom panel and obviously your brains. Develop your fine motor skills while playing TOFU.


  • Art direction
  • UI design
  • Concept
  • Service design
  • Character design
  • Animation
  • UX design
  • Strategy